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Killala Rock Products Provided

Since its inception in February 2005 as a greenfield site, this ambitious endeavor has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a fully operational quarry that not only extracts raw materials but also produces single-size stones of exceptional quality

NSAI Aggregates for concrete stone

NSAI Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials



804 or Maintenance

804 or Maintenance

6" Clean

6″ Clean stone

3inch clean stone

3″ Clean Stone

2inch clean stone

2″ Clean Stone

6" Mix

6″ Mix

3inch mix

3″ Mix


2″ Mix

6mm Washed chips

6mm Washed chips

10mm Washed Chips

10mm Washed Chips

14mm Washed Chips

14mm Washed Chips

Crusher Dust

Quarry Dust

Gabien stone

Gabion Stone

Decorative stone
for gardens

Decorative stone for gardens

Gabien stone baskets