Are you sure the tonnage on the delivery note matches the tonnage in the vehicle……..If the answer to that question is no then we have the answer for you.


  • Select weight checker
  • Select site
  • Insert the date and the time as is on the delivery docket
  • Press check weight
  • Correct weight is reflected to compare with docket weight

How it works:

We install a computer in the dispatch office and plug in the weighbridge. Download our monitoring application on the computer and you then have access to the weights going over that weighbridge for your specific loads.

Just put the date and time reflected on the delivery docket in the required fields, press check weight and the correct weight that went over the weighbridge at that time will be shown on the report.

The weight details come from our stand alone system which the dispatcher has no access to and is the actual weight that was on the weighbridge at that specific time.